Why should restaurants use the order management system?
Top 5 benefits


Maintaining a successful restaurant is easier said than done. For restaurants, one of the biggest challenges has always been seamless procurement. Regardless of how popular your restaurant is or how many customers you have, everything will go in vain unless you have a strong supply backbone and seamless supply order management backing your restaurant up.

And this is precisely where an order management system comes into play. With a state-of-the-art order management system in place, you can enjoy plenty of benefits like,

  • Managing several branches seamlessly.
  • Complete control over your supply orders
  • Better insight on your purchases.
  • Real-time updates on supply orders.
  • Seamless communication with your long-term suppliers.

And so much more.

An order management solution like watermelon, will offer you plenty of benefits that will help you take your business to a new height. Let us look at why restaurants should use the order management system and what it brings to the table.

An all-inclusive solution to manage orders

Are you tired of jumping from one place to another to manage your orders? Well, not anymore. With an order management system, restaurant businesses can now thrive and manage every aspect of their supply orders on one single platform.

Whether it is smart invoices, keeping real-time track of all the data, or finding new suppliers, everything can now be done in a single platform like Watermelon.

You can contact all of your dependable suppliers to place orders with the use of a Watermelon order management solution. Moreover, you can also compare pricing to obtain the best offer.

As only the most reputable and trustworthy suppliers are listed on the platform, you can relax knowing that you are acquiring supplies for your restaurant at the most reasonable prices.

Manage supply orders across several branches

Another big challenge that almost every restaurant business with several branches face is managing the supply across all branches. One branch just might run out of one ingredient while the others need something else.

Watermelon order management enables you to create multiple accounts in the platform and give specific control to each user across the branches to make supply management efficient.

Better insight into your expenditure

  • Most restaurants put aside a monthly spending budget to cover the cost of all of their inventory. That said, it can be challenging to correctly track where this money flows without a good order management system in place.

    Additionally, it’s frequently necessary to place last-minute orders. With the right order management software, restaurant owners can easily monitor how their budget is being used, which guarantees better financial management.

    On top of that, having all the records in one place reduces the chance of supply order errors, which can save hours of additional labor in the long run.

    Without Watermelon order management, your orders can now be tracked in real time, and you can keep track of all your purchases, invoices, and ingredients in one location.

Simplification of the order process

You won’t need to switch from one place to another to keep track of all your purchases if you have order management that keeps all of your suppliers in one location. Additionally, you will benefit from unified communication on a single platform, which will make it simpler for you to manage all of your purchases.

It speeds up the entire process because you can access all of your suppliers and the wholesale market in the UAE and enjoy one single checkout.

Make better purchasing decisions based on data

Information is power. And this holds true even for the restaurant business.

With a strong order management system in place, you can develop more effective procurement strategies and make wiser purchasing decisions thanks to real-time insights into all of your purchase reports. You can also check out your order patterns and all the analytics on a simple dashboard enabling you to minimize overspending and supply wastage.

Final thoughts

Restaurants can now save money, deal with less inconvenience, gain greater insight into their expenditures, make better purchasing decisions based on data, and grow their business with the help of order management software.

So the next time you wonder why restaurants should use the order management system, recall what you learned from today’s article.

A Watermelon order management system is the ideal entry point for growing your company and bringing in steady revenue as you have never experienced before.

So join in today and take your restaurant business to a new height.

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