Under an agreement between the platform and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

The Watermelon digital platform supports the National Farm Sustainability initiative by reducing costs and increasing productivity


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – June 2023: Watermelon Holdings Limited, a leading software provider and interactive online food and beverage purchasing platform, is proud to announce its collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in support of the National Farms Sustainability initiative. This initiative aims to establish local farms as key suppliers of various agricultural crops and food products to food supply companies operating in the UAE. The Watermelon digital platform will play a crucial role in providing technical support and fostering sustainable farming practices, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Under the five-year cooperation agreement signed between Watermelon Holdings Limited and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the company will leverage its expertise to empower farmers and bolster the food and agriculture sector. Watermelon Holdings Limited offers a comprehensive electronic platform that enables efficient marketing, display, and sale of food products, as well as streamlined delivery of goods and commodities.

Speaking on the significance of the partnership, His Excellency Eng. Mohammed Musa Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Food Diversity Sector at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, said: “Food security is of great importance to the UAE because of the challenges we face related to water scarcity and lack of arable land, which prompts us to enhance local production according to the latest modern agricultural technologies, and facilitating the entire food value chain. Supporting local farmers is an absolute necessity in order to build a flexible national agricultural sector that contributes to the entire economic system of the UAE.”

His Excellency added, “The National Farms Sustainability Initiative aims to  find solutions to empower local farmers, enhance their productivity, and facilitate easier market access for their products in collaboration with our partners throughout the UAE. We are delighted to cooperate with Watermelon and leverage its digital platform to streamline these efforts, and we look forward to further collaboration with the company in this regard.”

Omar Al Shamsi, CEO of Watermelon, said: “This partnership will support sustainable agriculture and build stronger communities. We are excited to collaborate with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to promote sustainable practices and support local farmers. By working together, we can make a real difference in building stronger communities and supporting Sustainable agriculture and contribution to food security in the United Arab Emirates.”

Based on the collaboration, Watermelon is dedicated to providing comprehensive support through its digital platform to strengthen and empower local farmers, in line with the Ministry’s goal of enhancing food security in the UAE based on sustainable principles. This integrated system aims to facilitate the integration of local farmers into the food market by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Under the National Farms Sustainability Initiative, various government agencies and major supply companies have committed to increasing their procurement of food, beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, and proteins from local farms.

In March 2023, Watermelon was selected as the interactive electronic transaction platform for government agencies’ purchases of national farm products in the UAE. Working closely with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Watermelon will register commercial farms and government agencies, providing real-time data to the ministry. This data will play a pivotal role in reducing waste and aligning the supply with the national food security planning.

Watermelon revolutionizes the communication between food and beverage suppliers and buyers by simplifying the purchasing process through its innovative platform. With a strong focus on sustainability, Watermelon serves as an indispensable resource for companies in the food and beverage industry. The collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment exemplifies the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and supporting local farmers.

Currently, Watermelon boasts a roster of over 50 registered local farmers, including Gracia and Manbat. As part of the initiative, Watermelon actively seeks to expand the number of local farmers on the platform, considering there are over 900 registered farms in the UAE.

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